About Us

SDAHO Enterprises

Purpose Statement
Enhancing high quality solutions for healthcare


Our Story

SDAHO Enterprises was founded in 2016 as the wholly-owned for-profit subsidiary of the South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations (SDAHO) which supports over 160 hospitals and post-acute care providers across the state of South Dakota.

SDAHO Enterprises is committed to bringing value to the members of the association by offering an array of relevant and timely solutions through our partners. We help our members find solutions to improve patient care, increase value, reduce operating costs and strengthen their financial viability through customizable and flexible programs.

We are continuously seeking partners to provide solutions through our Endorsed Business Partner and Strategic Partner programs to advance operational effectiveness of our members and improve the health status of South Dakota communities.

Guiding Principles

  • The partners selected by SDAHO Enterprises must provide value-added benefits for members and have offerings that help healthcare facilities minimize costs, recover revenue, reduce operating and capital expenses, improve management and quality, increase productivity and apply new strategies.
  • Partners will undergo due diligence as well as continuous performance monitoring and will meet or exceed high standards for quality, service and integrity.
  • At any given time, there shall not be competing endorsement of any 2 or more partners that provide the same services to members.
  • SDAHO Enterprises will vet new companies on a continuous basis, seeking member input when appropriate.
  • After a potential partner completes the internal due diligence process, partners must be evaluated by the Advisory Group and approved by the SDAHO Enterprises Board of Directors.
  • There is no obligation for SDAHO members to engage with SDAHO Enterprises partners.
  • SDAHO Enterprises’ partner program is intended to provide a source of funding to SDAHO to support programs and priorities on behalf of the association.

Partner Benefits

  • Unique opportunities to promote your products and services to key decision makers in hospitals and healthcare organizations in South Dakota.
  • Access to the SDAHO Membership Directory providing key contact information for all SDAHO member facilities.
  • Customizable webpage on the SDAHO Enterprises webpage to highlight your offerings to SDAHO members.
  • Regular meetings with the Business Development Manager to discuss sales strategies and marketing.  
  • Newsletter features, webinar hosting opportunities, directed emails from the Business Development Manager and more

Member Benefits

  • Know you’re getting a fully-vetted, peer approved partner.
  • Generate non-dues revenue for SDAHO to support programs and priorities of the association.
  • Access to a liason (the SDAHO Enterprises Business Development Manager) in initial conversations with the partner.