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Oska Wellness is a pioneer of technology-driven wellness solutions that help people live more active lives with less pain. The brand’s cornerstone product, the MedTech award winning Oska Pulse, is a revolutionary drug-free pain relief device that is clinically proven to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, improve mobility and relieve pain.

 Oska Pulse utilizes Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology, which is commonly used in doctors’ offices and clinically proven to work at the source of pain by accelerating the body’s ability to repair injured cells and increasing blood flow. Unlike many other pain intervention therapies, Oska Pulse has no known side effects, is non-invasive, lightweight, portable, shareable, and provides safe, effective and affordable access to pain relief – all without medication.

How It Works:

Video- https://youtu.be/cbXSt8V1RxQ

Services Provided:

  • Oska Pulse: a non-drug, wearable pain relief medical device

Contact Information:

Nick Gomez
Email: nick@oskawellness.com

Website: www.oskawellness.com