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Modern Capital Executive Solutions (MCES) offers a complimentary, multi-step consulting process to enhance a healthcare organization’s ability to retain & reward it’s top-level talent. Most commonly this includes C-Suite, Highly Compensated Employees, and Key Providers.

From an organizational perspective, goals often include:
  1. Expense Mitigation
  2. Minimizing Excise Tax Exposure
  3. Improving Form 990 Optics.
For the individual(s) involved, MCES looks to:
  1. Increase Flexibility,
  2. Remove Personal Tax Liability
  3. Allow the Individual to allocate as much of their cash income as they like, tax preferred into retirement.
Sample and Informational Documents
  1. NFP-NQDC Form 990 Reporting
  2. SERP Policy
  3. Employee Funded SERP
  4. 457(f) to CASD Conversion
  5. Participant Funded Personal Pension Arrangements
  6. Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans for Non-Profits
Contact Information

Ryan Millman
CEO/President, Executive Solutions