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Your Business Partners

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Whether due to a natural disaster or man-made event, the world we live in today is volatile. Patient and visitor generated violence inside healthcare facilities is on the rise as staff is routinely exposed to unpredictable incidents within their workplace. Our accomplished team brings decades of real-world experience to your organization, be it in service of facility-wide emergency operations planning or focused security reviews to identify and secure the most vulnerable areas. Because well-trained staff both respond and recover better, safety and security professionals nationwide choose HSS to identify and, if needed, strengthen how your organization mitigates the risk of, prepares for, and responds to an active shooter incident. Our active shooter exercises, and prevention and response training can save lives and improve staff confidence while reducing employee turnover and psychological trauma.

HSS is proud to be endorsed by hospital associations throughout the US for its healthcare-specific, patient-centered aggression management training programs, entitled TEAM. TEAM® was designed exclusively for healthcare workers, including medical staff, professional staff, and volunteers who may encounter angry, disruptive, or potentially dangerous individuals.  TEAM trains staff to recognize the signs of potential violence, which can escalate to violent disruptions if not handled effectively.  TEAM is fully compliant with The Joint Commission, CMS, DNV (NIAHO), OSHA, CALOSHA Title 8, Section 332, and NIOSH guidelines, and this impactful training can occur right in your facility

HSS works closely with hospital leadership and employees to assist with services from comprehensive Risk and Vulnerability Assessments to Litigation Support and Case Review. HSS is also the only security services provider founded by hospitals and we’re very happy to say we consistently retain over 90% of the organizations we work with. Most important, we handle risks so our customers can be free to focus on other areas of their operation.

Services Provided:

  • Aggression Management / Workplace Violence Prevention Training
    • Emergency Management Services
    • Instructor-led Training
    • Training Workbooks
  • Healthcare Security Consulting
    • Security Sensitive Area Focused Assessments
    • Risk & Vulnerability Assessments
    • Multi-Hospital / System Assessments
  • Emergency Management Services
    • Planning & Compliance Reviews
    • Drills & Exercises
    • EM Training Programs
    • Program Outsourcing
  • Expert Witness Services
    • Litigation Support
    • Case Review
    • Court Recognized Subject Matter Experts
  • Systems Integration
    • Project Consultation
    • System Design / Build
    • Project Management

Contact Information:

Dean R. Sobcoviak, Vice-President

Email: dsobcoviak@hss-us.com

Website: www.hss-us.com