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Endorsed Businesses


  • What is the recommended process for approval of endorsed business partners?
    After appropriate due diligence has occurred by SDAHO staff, a dedicated Member Advisory Committee would review and provide recommendations to the SDAHO Enterprises, Inc. Board which will have final approval capabilities.

  • What is the suggested composition of the Member Advisory Committee?
    SDAHO staff has recruited a diversified committee to include CEO’s, COO,’s, CFO’s, CNO and HR executive from member hospitals and nursing homes to review potential endorsed business partners.

  • What will be the expectation/responsibility of the SDAHO Board of Directors?
    There would be no direct responsibilities required by the SDAHO Board. The endorsed business partners approved by the SDAHO Enterprises, Inc. Board would be provided in Board meeting packets for review at each meeting. SDAHO would encourage members of the Board to support the program whenever possible.


  •  What will be the expectation/responsibility of SDAHO members?
    There would be no direct responsibilities aside from the Member Advisory Committee.  The Endorsed Business Partner program will exist purely as a resource to be utilized by SDAHO members whenever possible.


  • How does this program affect the current SDAHO Associate Member Program?
    The long-standing Associate Membership Program will continue as usual with minimal changes.


  • Will there be any services that compete with Members?
    It is not the intent to compete with any Members with the SDAHO Endorsed Business Partner Program.  Rather this is meant to be another value-added resource for Members to utilize when considering a new service or solution.  As well as it is SDAHO’s intent to find new innovative programs and solutions to bring to South Dakota and SDAHO members.